The Codenames Card Game is a word game for two teams trying to solve the clues to make contact with all their agents.


This party game for 2 teams can be played by 4 – 8 or more people. Each rival spymaster knows the secret identity of 25 agents, but their team mates only know the agents by their codenames.
Each team competes to make contact with all of their agents first.
The spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the game board. Players try to figure out the clues, all while avoiding the opposite team and the assassin.
Not many games can so easily accomodate large groups of people like this one does.
An absolute winner of a game, no wonder millions of this game has been sold around the world.
Includes: timer, 16 agent cards, 1 double agent card, 7 innocent bystander cards, 1 assassin card, 40 key cards and 200 cards with 400 codenames

Codenames Card Game Features:

  • A fabulous card game that can be played by small or large groups
  • A detective clue solving word game
  • Recommended for 10yrs+
  • Takes about 15minutes to play

Codenames card game is a quick and easy party game where two teams race to solve the clues.

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