Starfish Education Centre Loyalty Program 


*  Register for the Starfish Education Centre Loyalty Program

*  Every $30 you spend in store (or on-line) with Starfish Education Centre you earn $1

*  Accrue your $points and redeem them at any time in store or on line at Starfish Education Centre

*  Save for something big or use them whenever you choose

*  Buy your gifts and resources from Starfish Education Centre and earn points for yourself at the same time

*  Simply keep track of how many $ rewards you have by looking at the bottom of your receipt or on your invoice  (if ordering online).   Or ask us when making your next purchase and we will happily look it up for you – no need to keep yet another card in your wallet or paperwork in the office. Beautiful.



   Earn  $$$  every purchase


Yet another reason to shop with us

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