If the remainder of this year goes as fast as the rest of 2020 already has, we’re going to need to start thinking about getting those gifts in pronto! But we all know that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Generally children are pretty easy to sort out. The magic of Santa delivering surprises is almost enough for most children! But what about when it comes to teenagers and adults, especially those who have a disability or sensory needs. What do we buy them? Finding something that is both suitable and age appropriate can be a big challenge.

Feel the relief with an extensive list of ideas for the perfect present for that special someone. There is a collection of options that will be a hit this festive season. From stylish ear buds to trendy fidgets, we’ve catered for all budgets.

Our perfect pressies

boy in black shirt wearing vibes sensory ear buds for teenagers and adults
Vibes ear buds

The Vibes ear buds were originally designed for concert goers, who wanted some protection without sacrificing sound quality. Turns out they are perfect for any individuals sensitive to sound, who have Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries and ADHD.

Vibes ear buds are super discreet when worn

The great thing about the Vibes is that they reduce background noise in busy environments but you can still hear people talking. What’s more, they are reusable and specifically designed for teenagers and adults. Being mostly clear in colour, they are super discreet when placed in the ear and if you opt for the cordless ones you can barely notice them at all!

Shop Vibes ear buds HERE!

Verishield Noise Reduction Earmuffs
Girl in black shirt wearing sensory ear muffs for teenagers and adults
Our very own Ellie trying out the Verishield ear muffs at Starfish HQ!

Ear buds aren’t for all of us, and if you’ve been after noise reduction earmuffs instead then these are the ones to get. Designed specifically for adults, the Verishield Noise reduction earmuffs are light weight, sturdy and easily adjustable.

We have tried these ourselves in store and have been super impressed at how effective they are at blocking out noise and how comfortable they are!

With a noise reduction rating of 27dB they are very effective at blocking out noise as well as protecting the auditory system. Perfect for teenagers and adults who are sensitive to certain sounds or find loud situations overwhelming.

Shop Verishield earmuffs HERE!

Teenager/adult boy hugging his black and red fannelette cushion
Brodie loves his Flannelette cushion, we’re sure you will too!

Is it a cushion? Is it a shirt? It’s both! The Flannelette cushion is a stylish yet comfortable sensory accessory for any teenagers bedroom. But there’s more. The Flannelette offers a gentle sensation when it is squeezed or sat upon so can be used as a calming, soothing or relaxing tool for those with sensory disorders.

Specifically designed as an age appropriate vibrating pillow for older kids, teenagers and adolescents, however the vibration device inside can be turned off and on as desired and is simply powered by two AA batteries.

Shop the Flannelette Cushion HERE!

Plasma Ball

Looking for something a bit different and totally out there? The Plasma Ball is a captivating accessory that will have any budding science geek jumping for joy!

Plasma sensory ball for teenagers and adults

A fun lighting option for the older child, teenagers or adults in a sensory space, bedroom or in the classroom. The Plasma ball demonstrates the properties of electrical discharges, which you can control with your fingers as you touch the lamp.

Just try to keep your hands off this dramatic display of electrical light!

Shop the Plasma Ball HERE!

Giant Ooze Tube
Ooze Tube Jumbo

Looking for another science-y and visually captivating gift? Try keeping your gaze of the Ooze tube! Honestly, you could spend hours watching this, it’s quite addictive!

The “ooze” slowly seeps and winds its way down while you watch on fascinated. The tube is made from a solid plastic, and they come in a variety of colours.

The Ooze tube is perfect for providing calming, visual input and would be a captivating and exciting focal point for any sensory room or setting.

Shop the Ooze Tube HERE!

Pin Art

It’s an oldie but a goldie. Pin Art remains ever popular and is a great gift for those seeking calming, tactile input.

Make art in seconds! Just push the object you want to make a 3D impression of into the fine metal pins at the back.  When you want to change it, just flip the pin art over and start all over again! Easy.

A sensory tool that is great for older children, teenagers and adults.

Shop Pin Art HERE!

Great games!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new game! We love these ones, and they are perfect for all the family to get involved too.

A good mix between cooperative and competitive games is always healthy. Competitive games can be good for improving motor skills and social/behavioural development, but too much can damage self esteem if an individual loses often.

Where competitive games focus on having a sole winner, Cooperative games emphasise play, fun, and cooperation. They are games where everyone works together to win.

Finding sensory games for our teenagers and adults is an extra challenge in itself, so we’ve tried to include games that are stimulating as well as fun!

Blow football  
Blow Football game

Score to win in this popular football game, where the action is fast and furious. Just blow the ball and go for goal using your skill to beat the goal keepers.

Girl with brown hair lying on the grass playing sensory blow football game

Blow football is great for developing oral motor skills and breath control.

This small indoor table top game is fun for all ages and a perfect sensory tool for those footy fanatic teenages and adults out there!

Shop Blow Football HERE!

BLlox Stacking Race game

This is a fast paced visual spatial game where players race to create the “stack” that is on the picture card turned.

The BLLOX game is all quality, and the blocks are just gorgeous.  The game can be played by up to 4 players and develops visual perception skills, processing speed, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and spatial visualisation. 

Often visual spatial skills are a strength, so BLLOX is a really good option if you are after a game.  It is easy to modify this game to suit someone with disabilities or it can also be a solo activity!


Hands holding multicoloured Coggy sensory puzzle for teenagers and adults
We love that the Coggy Puzzle is quiet and so discreet.

The Fat Brain Coggy puzzle will get your fingers turning and brain cells burning! A manipulative visual logic puzzle and fidget all in one, well suited to older children, teenagers and adults for extra sensory input.

It gradually gets more difficult as you progress through the levels. Bend, rotate and shape the Coggy to match the challenge card you have chosen.

I’m not terribly good at logic puzzles, but I love the Coggy and worked my way through all the levels whenever I had a few spare minutes! This is a gift that will have them busy for hours!

Shop the Coggy HERE!

Just One

This game is such fun.

Just One is a fantastic language based game for a group of between 4 to 7 players, though it is easy to play with larger teams.

It is a cooperative game, so everyone needs to work collaboratively to achieve the highest group score!

We love cooperative games. It makes a pleasant change from competitive single players trying to win on their own and creates a wonderful atmosphere where you can all win together.

Shop Just One HERE!

Sensory Stocking Surprises

Looking for a couple of extra bits to bulk out the stockings this Christmas? We’ve had a think about some of our favourite products that are not only effective sensory tools but also small enough to hide in your bag or pocket.

We can’t stress enough how great fidgets and chews are. Kids, teenagers and adults with special or sensory needs can hugely benefit from these little gems, and they come in all shapes and colours so you can find the perfect gift, whatever their style.

Kaiko Fidgets
Hand holding up Kaiko sensory fidget bike chain

Kaiko are just great. The products AND that they are a family run company that were first created by 13 year old Kai, who is both on the spectrum and Dyslexic. Kai found himself being teased in school for his kiddie-like fidgets he needed to use daily, so he set to creating something more age appropriate and cool. Not only did his peers no longer tease him…they wanted their own fidgets! And so Kaiko was born.

Blonde girl wearing a grey jumper wearing a kaiko sensory fidget necklace for teenagers and adults

Kaiko’s range of discreet and noiseless sensory fidgets are for kids, teenagers and adults to assist with mental health, anxiety and focus. They are super high quality, made by Kai and his family in Australia. These aren’t the kind of fidgets that will fall apart after a few weeks.

Something special? Kaiko ‘The Works’. Every fidget a teen could ever need!

Shop Kaiko Fidgets HERE!

Ark ‘Chewelry’ is a fab pressie for any style conscious teen!
Ark Chews

The guys at Ark have created a fabulous, family run company who have driven all their experience in therapy and engineering to bring you a whole range of chews that cater for absolutely everyone.

Oral motor chew tools are an excellent way to provide oral stimulation, exercise the mouth muscles and build oral tone. They can also be used as oral fidgets, redirecting finger nail biting or chewing on shirts etc.

These sensory gems come in a range of shapes, colours and sizes including trendy ‘chewelry’ for teenagers and adults.

Shop Ark Chews HERE!

Aaron’s SCENTsory putty

No ordinary putty, Aaron’s SCENTsory putty invokes a total sensory experience in its unique colours and scents, inspired by our ever changing and fascinating world.

Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it and sculpt it! It’s extra soft texture is perfect for sensory needs.

Purple swirl of sensory putty

Employing people with both intellectual and physical disabilities, Crazy Aarons’s aims to create sensory putty aimed at older kids, teenagers and adults with its interesting and creative scents.

What’s more, you can also purchase a handy little key ring so you can take your SCENTsory putty anywhere you go!

Shop Crazy Aaron’s SCENTsory putty HERE!

Bigger Buys

Can’t quite think of that main pressie you know they’ll love and need but they just don’t know it yet? We reckon you might just find it here.

We’ve got a selection of pressies that might be a little heaver on the investment side but we’re sure they will LOVE them. All of the products we feature are of the highest quality and super durable so if you are looking to spend a bit more you can rest assured it will last them.

From stylish sunnies to timeless watches, give that special something this Christmas.

Ugly Fish Unbreakable Sunglasses
teenagers/adult with brown hair wearing a white shirt smiling wearing sunglasses
Brodie rocks the unbreakable sunnies in black smoke

Unbreakable you say? Yep. You heard it!

These stylish sensory sunnies are not only the perfect accessory for teenagers or adults, they are also pretty darn indestructible! They feature a ‘TPEE frame’ which is a rubber like material that is extremely flexible and lightweight. Perfect for any outdoor adventure.

The polarised, high quality lenses offer a Category 3 maximum UV protection, so you know that you’ll not only be looking good but most importantly your eyes are fully protected.

These Ugly’s come in a range of styles and colours so you can be sure to find the perfect match.

Shop Ugly Fish Unbreakable Sunglasses HERE!

Girl in white jumper with brown hair sitting in the Vuly sensory swing for teenagers and adults
Catch Ellie hanging around in her Vuly Nest Swing!
Vuly Nest Swing

If you can find the space, you’ve got yourself hours of relaxation and fun with the Vuly Nest Swing.

Set up your very own swing where you can easily retreat to curl up and read a book, or if you are simply looking to create a calm space for some quality me-time, the Vuly Swing is the perfect investment for you.

This super sensory swing is designed large enough to fit teenagers and adults and hold a weight of up to 80kg (even though we’ve tried and tested more!)

Consider it another pice of furniture in the house that also provides great vestibular input by gently rocking forwards and backwards or side to side.

Shop the Vuly Nest Swing HERE!

Time Timer Plus
Boy in black shirt smiliing wearing the time timer plus sensory watch for teenagers and adults

If needing an easy way to keep a daily routine on track is essential, the Time Timer Plus makes a fantastic gift.

What makes this watch fab is the ability to tailor it to suit individual needs thanks to its many features, from timing exercise routines to collage classes to chillout time.

The sporty design and extra sensory features make this watch a great accessory for students, teenagers and adults or even budding athletes.

Featuring a backlight and vibrating alert function as well as being water resistant, we’re sure the Time Timer Plus will have anyone sailing through their day.

Shop the Time Timer Plus HERE!

Boy in black shirt sitting on Kloudsac sensory bean nag for teenagers and adults
Fancy being as comfy as Brodie is here? Grab a Kloudsac and you can be!

Rediscover your comfort zone with the revolutionised bean bag from Kloudsac.

An Australian owned and operated family business, the guys at Kloudsac are dedicated to producing the best quality foam filled furniture.

With its comfortable, supportive foam replacing traditional noisy beans, it is perfect for teenagers and adults who are sensitive to noise and a great option for those who find deep pressure helpful for calming and sensory regulation.

What’s more, you can custom chose your Kloudsac to suit your needs. They come in a variety of sizes and cover options, all with differing tactile feels.

Shop Kloudsac HERE!

Bubble Tube

This isn’t just any lighting device sitting in the corner. The bubble tube provides a captivating and exciting focal point for any sensory space, whether that’s in a bed room, at school or in a therapy room. 

Watch the bubble tube change colour as it sends the balls and bubbles up and down the column encouraging visual tracking, focusing, and concentration.

The bubble tube is the ultimate sensory product for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults…anyone! We love them. And we guaruntee you will too.

Shop the Bubble Tube HERE!

So there you have it, our tip top pressies for teenagers and adults that are sure to please this Christmas!

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Love team Starfish x


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