Ark Z Vibe Spare Parts Kit

Ark Z Vibe Spare Parts Kit


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A handy set of spare parts for the Z-Vibe system.

3 in stock


We also stock a spare parts kit for the Z-Vibe system.

The spare parts kit contains:

1 motor assembly, 1 Vibe Battery, 2 Compression springs and 1 Switch tip.

Z-Vibes and accessories are innovative tools for speech, feeding and sensory development.

The Z-Vibe system provides vibration and proprioceptive input to the lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, jaw and beyond.

Many therapists recommend the Ark Z-Vibe Z-Vibe Grabber vibrating tool to increase oral awareness & improve tone, and decrease oral defensiveness, texture aversions, mouth stuffing & drooling.  Or, use the Z-Vibe to provide targeted tactile cues to facilitate sound production and oral motor exercises.

Vibration can also be very effective to soothe, calm , organise, self-regulate, and focus.

The Z-Vibe tools are recommended for individuals of all ages and cognitive abilities under the guidance of a speech and/or occupational therapist and directly supervised at all times.


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