The Yoga for Kids book is one of our favourite books for teaching simple first steps in yoga and mindfulness.

Each page is simple, well illustrated and clear.  This book is a great place to start to get children into yoga.

The book includes really useful and interesting information and tips for adults.  There are warm up sequences and step by step instructions for well known poses from Downward Dog to Warrior.

Use this wonderful book to guide children through more than 25 poses and activities.  Help children become mindful, de-stress, focus and get moving all while having fun.  The Yoga for Kids book is perfect for personal use or as a resource for teachers and therapists.

We especially love the variety of children in the photos, reflecting diversity.

This book is hard cover and 72 pages of brilliance.  We cannot recommend this book enough as a must-have book for your library – both professionally and personally.

Mindfulness and yoga can promote calm, focus, attention, proprioceptive & interoceptive awareness.  When mindful movements are used which involve movement of the head and/or balance and coordination they can also provide vestibular input.

It is a useful teaching tool and full of practical ideas and activities.

Written by Susannah Hoffman