Whozit is a cooperative guess who game!

Six unusual and contrasting suspects, two debatable clues, one hilarious party game!

Take turns secretly picking a character from the character cards, then tip off your teammates by rating how well a pair of clues applies to your choice.

Examples of suspects and clues:

Would a Ninja wear a tutu to a fancy party?

Would Shrek maintain a healthy lifestyle ?

Would a Plastic Surgeon make an ideal in-law?

You then have to use the clue meter ranging from definitely not to definitely to provide the rest of the players with an idea on who the crazy suspect may be.

Whozit is a great game to reinforce working cooperatively and utilising deductive reasoning skills.

Game includes:

  • 100 character cards
  • 50 clue cards
  • 10 number cards
  • 10 number tokens
  • 1 score board
  • 1 clue meter
  • 1 pawn
  • Appropriate for ages 10+
  • 2 – 6 Player Game
  • 20 minute game