The 2kg Weighted Lap Wild Cat weighs in at 2kg.  They are just beautiful.  They are well made in the most plush soft fabric.


The weighted wild cats have an insert of 2kg that is double stitched in strong cotton.  This insert is filled with glass beads, which is how we get the weight we need in such a compact design.  The insert is easily remove-able if the cover needs to be washed.

The new design no has an added loop on the tail which can act as an additional fidget or way for fidgets to be attached.

The weighted lap wild cats are a wonderful addition to our range of weighted plush toys.  The style, size and weight gives greater choice.  They are also suitable for older children, teenagers and young adults.i

Weighted plush toys are ideal for those who benefit from the compression of weighted products. They can be calming and therapeutic. Weighted products often benefit children with Hyperactivity, Sensory Processing Disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2kg Weighted Lap Wild Cat Features:

  • The wild cats are perfect as a weighted lap blanket/toy or on the shoulder.
  • The weighted lap wild cats come in 3 styles: Tiger, Snow Leopard and Cheetah.
  • If you have a favourite, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate.  However, it will depend on product availability.
  • Approx 52cm long x 13cm.

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