The 5kg Weighted Crocodile is compact and chunky.  It is the perfect plush animal for those needing a heavier weight than most weighted plush items.  Soft, yet heavy, the weighted crocodile sits easily on the lap.


It gives deep pressure input, and is a fabulous addition to the sensory diet.  It can help with calming and self regulation.

It is designed by and exclusive to us here at Starfish, in consultation with OTs and Specialist teachers.  We trialled it in a local Special Education Classroom (for children with Autism) and it worked brilliantly and was very popular.  So, we went into production.

The weighted crocodile comes in a plush fabric which is lovely to touch and pat.  It has additional fidget options with the fabric of the ears and spine, as well as the stitching across the snout.  The ears are fabric and cannot be removed.  Great care is taken with the stitching.  However please note that this crocodile is designed for therapeutic use.  It is not a toy and may not withstand rough treatment.  The weighted crocodile is filled with 5kg of weighted beads, which is considerably heavier than many similar items (which on average weigh approx 1.5kg – 2.5kg).

5kg Weighted Crocodile Features:

  • This product is a specialist item.
  • Given the weight, we recommend you purchase in consultation with a therapist skilled in the use of weighted items.
  • We love the practical colour of our weighted crocodile.  the underbelly is soft cream colour.
  • Measurements:
  • 5kg
  • Approx 45cm length (tail to snout), 19cm (from leg to leg), 10cm (height)

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