The Whoozit Water Mat  is a sturdy water and shape filled mat.  Press or push the mat and watch the objects move around.


The water filled mat is interactive.  It can be used for tummy time to develop core, upper body and hand eye.  It is also an intriguing cause and effect toy, especially for those fascinated by water.

The multiple pieces inside the strong and secure mat move around when pushed.  It does not require a lot of pressure to get even a small result.  It is a good option for those with poor muscle strength.

The Whoozit can be used on the floor, with the hands or feet, or placed on a table or the lap.

Originally for floor time with infants, the design is quite appropriate for someone older as well.

Whoozit Water Mat Features:

  • Infants +
  • Approx 36 x 31cm
  • BPA Free
  • Tummy time play
  • Cause and effect toy

Whoozit Water Mat is a cause and effect toy for the water-mad! 

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