The Vowel Sounds Magnets are a set of magnetic backed pictures and matching vowel sound graphemes designed to help children learn the vital phonics knowledge  of vowel sounds.

Each picture magnet has a corresponding sound magnet.  Children can sort the picture withy the sound onto a magnetic board.  There is a helpful colour coded border that works to assist as a self-check mechanism.

The Vowel Sounds Magnets Details:

There are 65 Picture Sound magnets included.

Picture Magnets are 60 x 55mm  (32 included)

Sound magnets are 44 x 38mm (32 included)

Green: oy, ay, igh, ew, aw, ai, ue, oa, au, ee, oi, ie,

Purple: ur, or, ar, ir, er, air, oor, ear, are, al,

Orange: y, ow, ou, oo, ea, ea, oo, ou, ow, y

+ 1 blank