Crazy Aarons Ultimate Putty Challenge game gives you 25 different games and activities to have fun with your putty.


This package gives you lots more ways to use putty.  Play with it or provide work for the hands as part of therapy.

This collection of 25 fast-paced games has something for everyone.  There are head to head challenges, creative competitions and skill based activities.

Have a blast stretching, sculpting, building and bouncing your way to victory.

There are 4 different game board and 25 game cards providing so many options for a wide range of ages, abilities and interests.  It makes it so easy to differentiate depending on individual needs.

Make the Arc de Triumph and bowling a putty ball through.  Create a funny face or build a tower as high as you can before the timer runs out.

It is perfect for family game nights but equally useful and beneficial in a therapeutic setting.  Putty can be just for fun play but also ca be used to assist with stress, calming and focus.  It can also help with hand strength, dexterity and fine motor skills.

Ultimate Putty Challenge Game Features:

  • 3yrs +
  • for one or more players
  • easily adapted to time available – do one or lots more of the activity cards
  • includes: 4 x 350g putty tins, Timers, 4 game boards, 29 cards

With each squeeze, pinch, stretch, grip and/or twist, Crazy Aarons Ultimate Putty Challenge Game will build fine motor skills all while having fun.

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