The Little Genius Trucks and Diggers Snap cards is a card matching beginner snap game for young children.


This deck of large colourful cards with simple and clear illustrations is designed for young children.  It can be used as a matching task or game, or as for the card game of snap.

Included are 52 good sized cards, with 13 matching sets of 4.

We love the clear simple and easily identified pictures on the cards.  And, they have the name of each vehicle printed in large clear font on each card as well.

Each card is 12.5 x 8cm

Trucks and Diggers Snap Features:

  • develops visual skills for matching
  • develops processing speed
  • large quality cards with easily recognised simple pictures
  • promotes language and vocabulary

Trucks and Diggers Snap is a brilliant card game for any young vehicle lover!

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