Totally Gross by University Games is a game of full of science facts. 


Learn about amazing and interesting and even gross facts about our world including natural science, chemistry, biology and more.

Journey around the playing board.  Depending where you land you might have to answer a question or perform a crazy or gross activity.

The sorts of questions you might get asked are:

What do fish use for breathing: their gills, eyeballs or fins?

What metal do humans need in their body to survive?

Do buttercups taste like butter?

Is household dust mostly made of bug poop, human skin or dirt? 

The sorts of activities you might have to do are:

Swallow air by pretending to spoon it up and gulping it down.

Show the other players the weirdest position you can put your body into.

Guess which player has the longest fingernail.

Totally Gross Tin Features:

  • Totally Gross comes in a tin, making it a handy game to take on holidays or have in the classroom. 
  • Totally Gross is well suited to those who love science or interesting facts.  It helps develop scientific understanding and makes it fun.
  • Designed for 8yrs+ and for 2 to 4 players. 
  • Players will need to be able to read quite well, in order to read the question and activity cards.
  • 1 die, game board,
  • 4 playing pieces,
  • 75 question cards,
  • 25 gross out cards

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