The Times Tables Flip frame is a smart way to teach, learn and practice times tables.


The frame is wooden, solid and colourful.  Each separate wooden flip has the question (eg 3 x 5) on one side and the answer on the reverse – simply flip the square to reveal the answer.

Alternatively, division can be practiced by starting with the answer and “flipping” to see the question eg 35 becomes 7 x 5

Each times table has a set colour and progresses downwards, starting at the top.

eg 7 x tables are light blue.  This helps avoid confusion and assist those with tracking difficulties.

VIGA Times Tables Flip Frame Features:

  • The Times Tables Flip frame can stand on its own on a desk or the floor, and can also fold flat making for handy and easy storage.
  • All up, the Times Tables Flip frame is an absolute asset and must have for teaching, learning, practicing and mastering the times tables.
  • The wooden frame is approx 34.5 x 37 x 2.3cm
  • Each separate wooden flip is 2.5cm

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