The Time Timer PLUS is great visual timer aid for parents and teachers. Simply set the timer by sliding the red strip to the desired time and close the lid.


This is one of our most popular timers.  It is available in charcoal.  It is sturdy and very useful for showing the concept of elapsed time, the duration of activity and for use to prepare for transitions.


To use, simply dial the red sector to the length of time set for a task/activity and the red section will slowly disappear.  Once complete there will be a tone that sounds.  There is a volume control dial for those times you need a louder tone and those when you prefer silence.

Time Timer PLUS Features:

  • The size of the Time Timer Plus makes it suitable for a classroom as well as personal use. 
  • It hasEasy-to-read numbers and no loud ticking.
  • Size: 18 x 15cm
  • One AA battery required for operation (not included)
  • Used by teachers, therapists and families.   
  • It is a large device that supports behaviour, reduces stress and conflict.

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