The Blue Ribbon Large Timber Blocks are high quality large wooden blocks.  These are our all-time favourite timber blocks for all ages.  They are thick and solid, plus they feel great.  They stand up easily, and hold their place, reducing frustration.

The Large Timber Blocks are perfect for open ended play.  Have them available as an invitation to play.  Use them to make houses, buildings, roads, fences, pathways.  The list is endless.

This set includes all sorts of shapes and sizes.  There are 48 wooden jumbo shapes and 192 pieces all together.  Plenty of blocks for multiple children to play with at one time.  Enough blocks to make a giant extravaganza.

We love that this set comes in a trolley on wheels.  The 5 trays stack onto the trolley.  Within each tray there are 2 layers of blocks (10 layers).

An absolute investment for the home, family day care or early childhood centre, therapeutic environment or school.

Average block size 7 x 15 x 4.5cm


n.b. car in photo not included.