The Tickles Peanut Ball from Edushape is perfect for introducing textures through play.  It also is a valuable tool for massage, deep pressure touch and calming proprioceptive input.


The versatile, spiky and sturdy Peanut Shaped sensory ball can be used with one hand or two.  It can be pushed, squeezed, rolled and bounced.

Add it to your infant and toddler toys to provide interesting and novel tactile input.

Use it as a massager for deep pressure proprioceptive input on the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

It can also be used by the feet, on the floor under the desk to assist with focus.

We love the feel of this PVC ball.

It comes fully inflated and can be re-inflated via built in basketball pin receptacle.

Suitable for all ages, with supervision for those under 3yrs.

Approximately 16cm x 7cm.

Edushape Tickles Peanut Ball Features:

  • Spiky surface on sensory peanut shaped
  • Good size to engage children, to touch, play, kick, catch and roll
  • Easy to hold
  • Doubles as massager

The Tickles Peanut ball is textured and perfectly designed for sensory play and deep pressure massage.

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