The Thread-o Ball is a both a ball and a threading toy -play and have fun while learning.


It is a ball and a threader in one.  Simple thread the thick, colourful and flexible threads through the coloured holes in the ball.

The threads can also be joined together and easily disconnected for even more play options.

We love that it comes with playing cards, instructions and suggestions for activities.

Includes: 1 ball, 10 coloured threads (yellow, green, purple, blue, pink)

Recommended for 12mths+

11cm in diameter.  The holes in the ball are approximately 2cm.  The threads are 19 x 0.5cm

Edushape Thread-o Ball Features:

  • Develops fine motor and dexterity
  • Teaches colour recognition and motor sills
  • stimulating and challenging
  • includes playing cards and instructions for activities

The Thread-o Ball is a “hole” lot of fun.  Thread the strings through the colour coded holes in the threading ball.

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