Theraputty 3oz X Soft Yellow

Theraputty 3oz X Soft Yellow


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Theraputty is a fabulous hand strengthening tool recommended by therapists.

10 in stock


Theraputty is an ideal tool often recommended by OTs to increase range of motion, muscle tone and fine motor.

There are varying levels of resistance available for sensory fun, stimulation games and hand strengthening exercises. It can be squeezed, stretched, moulded and bounced.

Theraputty can be a useful distraction or calming tool for those with ADHD, ASD, SPD. Please choose carefully as we cannot exchange theraputty that has been used.


Theraputty comes in various levels of resistance.

Yellow = X soft, Red = soft, Green = medium, Blue = firm, Black = X firm

Removing Theraputty from:


Use baby oil, a generous amount of hair conditioner with warm water.  Massage around the scalp and where the theraputty is in the hair.  Gently comb through.  Once removed, wash with shampoo.


Scrape off excess.  Spray with WD-40 and let sit for a few minutes.  Respray.  Wipe off the stain with cotton balls.  Then use sponge/cloth dampened with dish soap to wipe remaining residue


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