The Bear Cards Feelings card pack makes talking about feelings a whole lot easier.

Talking about feelings is not always easy.  The Bear Cards Feelings pack give children (and adults) an opportunity to practice and develop the art of healthy emotional expression.  So when the time comes to really say how they are feel, the words will be there.

Learning about feelings and emotions, also helps develop empathy and compassion for others.  Learning about your own emotions, being able to express yourself and respect the feelings and emotions of others is vital part of being able to interact positively with others.  It can improve your social skills and ability to navigate the social environment.

Used by therapists, teachers and parents, the Bear Cards feelings pack is a fabulous resource.

We love that there is a whole range of activities and supports behind the pack, available at the website.

Suitable for all ages.

48 laminated bear cards + 24 page support booklet