Tenzi is a fun and fast paced dice game. This pack of cards gives you lots more ways to play, 77 in fact!


Players roll their 10 dice trying to be the first to get the same number on all – at which point they yell out “Tenzi”.  It is an easy game for all ages that will whip everyone into a frenzy!

The Tenzi catch cry is “the world’s fastest game”.

Tenzi is an award winning dice game.

The Tenzi 77 ways to play cards, is a pack of cards full of ideas to get even more out of the Tenzi dice. Use the cards in conjunction with the Tenzi dice game (sold separately).  

Use the cards as a prompt for each round of Tenzi, or as ideas for small maths groups.


Please note: Tenzi game and dice sold separately.



77 ways to play Tenzi cards Features:

  • Loads more ways to play the popular Tenzi Dice game
  • 7yrs+
  • 2 or more players (depending whch size pack of Tenzi you have).


Grab yourself a pack of the Tenzi cards when you get the popular Tenzi dice game.

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