The Tens Frame Numeration Board is made from thick foam and is well suited for desk work or demonstrations on a magnetic surface such as a whiteboard.

Ten Frames are frequently referred to in maths teaching as they help reinforce counting, “friends of ten”, number patterns, counting in 5s, subitising and more.


This Tens Frame pack includes 4 frames and 80 cylinder inserts.  Some are two-coloured giving more options for teaching such as number facts to 10.

Each of the 4 frames has a magnetic strip covering the back.  They can easily be mounted or even stored on any magnetic surface.  We love that the cylindrical counters can be easily pushed into place.  They fit snugly and when held vertically or displayed on a vertical surface, they wont fall out.

Frame is approx 16.8 x 7.8 x 1.2cm

Counting Cylinders are approx 1.8 x 2cm