The Tens Frame Activity set introduces basic number facts.  It helps support learnig to visualise numbers, addition and subtraction, subitising as well as learning number concepts, making to 5 and making to 10.  

The Tens Frame are frequently incorprated into the teaching of maths, especially stage 1 and stage 2.

This activity set includes 8 tens frames, 80 two-sided counters and 16 sturdy double sided activity cards.

The tens frames are ridged to ensure each counter stays in place.

The tens frames are approx: 6.5 x 16cm, counters are approx: 25mm diameter and activity cards are approx: 19 x 14cm

The Tens Frame Activity set comes in a handy storage container.  Ideal for maths groups or home education resources.

Suitable for 5yrs+