The Kaiko Teacher Hand Rollers 180gm with Case is a beautiful teacher’s gift in a special case with “Teaching is a Work of Heart” on the front – never a truer statement has been made! This beautiful hand roller rolls over each other in the palm of your hand, as smoothy as silk.  Hard to put into words how wonderfully satisfying these are. 


Rolling them and flipping these smooth weighted bars is incredibly and surprisingly soothing and addictive.

The Kaiko Hand Rollers are quiet and discreet. They look and feel both cool and fabulous. Perfectly suited to teenagers and adults either at school or in the workplace.

They can definitely be operated one handed, so they can act not as a distraction but as a tool to support focused and engaged time.

These Kaiko Hand Rollers can be a stress reliever for some, a calming tool for others or a fidget to support attention.

Kaiko Teacher Hand Roller 180gm with Case Features:

  • Having a weight of 180g provides additional proprioceptive input as well as promoting hand strengthening and dexterity.
  • This is the heaviest weight in the range.
  • For smaller hands we do recommend using the lighter versions to avoid hand fatigue.
  • The heavy weight of these particular hand rollers make them a worthwhile addition to the kitbag to support those with anxiety.
  • The rollers are a stylish black colour.

As a guide for the Kaiko Hand Roller Range:

Hand Roller 180g – for larger hands needing a mid-weight.  Metallic look. Good for stimming.  Helpful for anxiety, and like the heavier roller the feedback has been positive for hand function & using with individuals with dementia, Parkinsons, MS and other hand function difficulties.  7.8 x 4cm

Roll your way to calm with the Kaiko Teacher Hand Roller 180gm


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