The Teachables Linking Cubes (2cm) are a valuable teaching resource to help children learn counting, pattern, sequencing, addition and friends of 10. They are also useful for helping children develop fine motor.


This set is a valuable resource for schools, early childhood educators and families.  There are plenty of the linking cubes for a pair of children to play, explore and work together.  

Linking cubes are often referred to in the maths curriculum.  They can support the teaching and learning of counting, numeracy, pattern, sequencing, addition, subtraction and friends of 10.

They are also fabulous fun for open ended creative constructive play.

The cubes easily clip together and pull apart.  They can help develop fine motor, dexterity and hand strength.

Teachables Linking Cubes (2cm) come with 100 individual easy-snap together cubes.

Teachables Linking Cubes (2cm) Set Features:

  • 100 Cubes
  • Each “row” of 10 is a different colour
  • Dimensions: 2cm cubed
  • Suitable for 3yrs+

The Teachables Linking Cubes (2cm) set is an investment you’ll benefit from for years.

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