Switcheroo Colour Changing Markers surprise and delight with one regular color and one mystery color change.


Colour with the regular side, then use the mystery colour change side (white tip) for a wonderful transformation. Add an extra artsy layer with this amazing set that is sure to spark happiness. Fascinating, these Switcheroo Markers will provide for hours of creative and artistic fun. It comes with 12 different colours. Nonetheless, you’ll get many, many more colors with its “switcheroo” application. How does it work? Simply flip your pen to its “switcheroo” end to expose its mystery color. Place it atop of the original shade and the color will magically change.

These markers are a handy resource for handwriting, tracing and occupational therapy sessions.

Ideal for both adults and kids, it will make a great gift for many on your birthday or holiday list. 

Switcheroo Colour Changing Markers Features:

  • Each set includes 12 markers in basic colors such as blue, green, red and yellow. 
  • Approx 14.5cm long 12m thick

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