Super Big Boggle is the BIGGEST Boggle game EVER!


Boggle is incredibly popular especially for families and teachers who love word making, vocabulary building and spelling games.

And now, there is a huge version, with loads more letters giving even more world making opportunities.

The super sized grid (6 x 6) has 36 different letter dice.  Imagine all the words you’ll be able to find.  Short words and amazingly long ones. Of course, the longer words get more points.

It’s a dream come true and perfect gift for word lovers.

Included in this special version is a dice with common double letters (eg “th”) and a “blanks” cube.  

There will be so many words to make within the 4 minute time limit.  And, every time you shake the grid you’ll get a fresh challenge.

Super Big Boggle Features:

  • 8yrs+
  • Word building and spelling game
  • 15 – 30 minutes
  • Small group game at home or school

The Super Big Boggle game is for the committed word lovers looking for a fresh challenge.


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