Desk Buddy Fidget Ruler

Desk Buddy Fidget Ruler


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The Desk Buddy Ruler is a sensory tool, fidget and chew that is deal for the classroom.

2 in stock


The Desk Buddy Fidget Ruler is a sensory tool, fidget and chew that is deal for the classroom.


This is a little more discreet and is therefore ideal for older children, teenagers and adults. Feel the various textures of the ruler without drawing attention, perfect for the more self-conscious amongst us. The Desk Buddy is for all ages though.  Some people have cut them into sections and used them as a pocket fidget, and young children can just as easily use them too. A team of Occupational Therapists, a teacher and product engineers combined their efforts to create this product for use at school, home or work.

For those who look constantly for different textures to touch or fidget with, the desk buddy is both practical and socially acceptable in many settings. It is simply a ruler sitting on their desk!

Desk Buddy Fidget Ruler Features:

  • It is flexible, completely dishwasher safe and naturally bacteria resistant. n.b. the ruler is in inches, and is approx 30cm long.
  • BONUS: It is constructed from FDA approved material so its even safe to chew on.
  • Comes in blue. n.b. the scale is in inches.

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