The Starfish Sound Ring Level 2 pack is a set of 33 common graphemes and letter strings designed specifically to easily help children learn the second phase of phonics.  The Alphabet sounds are level 1.

We use the Starfish Sound Ring level 2 cards in our tutoring centre at Starfish and in our Consultancy (working with children from a trauma background).

The Starfish Sound Ring is what you need when your child has learnt the sound of the alphabet and needs to move onto the next stage of phonics.

The system is:

Easy to use




Based on Research and Effective Teaching Strategies

Supports children who have Learning Difficulties such as poor working memory and cognitive load issues, and caters well to children who are visual.

It teaches the visual representation of the sounds a grapheme (eg ai, ay, ee, ea) make.

It has a simple colour code at the top of each code, showing a suggested order of teaching/learning the digraphs and letter strings.

But most of all, it is quick, fun and IT WORKS.  Anyone can use it from classroom teachers, specialist teachers, tutors, parents and grandparents.

The Starfish Sound Ring Level 2 is ideally suited to one-to-one or small group numbers, though is can be used in a whole class (we also have Wall Cards for display).

Follow us on facebook and instagram, to be notified when we put up video/youtube footage of the Sound Ring in action in our tutoring centre.  We will also be posting an in depth blog post, detailing how to use the Sound Ring system.

If your child knows the alphabet and you don’t know where to go next with their phonics learning, this is the pack for you.

These truly are fabulous, we’re so proud of them and excited to have them available at last.

Size: Card size approx 5.5 x 8.7mm

Included: plastic case and hinged ring.

Sounds: ck, ch, sh, th, wh, all, ph, ing, ai, ay, ar, ea, (short vowel) ea, ee, …y, ey, er, ir, ur, y (long vowel), ugh, ow (long vowel), oa, aw, or, au, oi, oy, ow, ou, oo, oo (long vowel), ue, ew.

There are more packs to come.  We are currently in the design process of Starfish Sound Ring Level 1 (Alphabet).