Snow Snow is a wonderful cooperative game to teach children to learn to play positively together.

The aim of the game is to help the 4 snowmen to get across the river before the sun melts the ice.

Players still take turns and follow the rules but they all need to work collaboratively.  Snow Snow is a gorgeous, simple and gentle first game for beginners just learning the social skills around playing board games with others.  It is a lovely way to build positive relationships.

Snow Snow takes around 10 minutes to play and is for up to 5 players.  It is a little like draughts or Chinese Checkers, and a gorgeous tactile 3D game.

There is a little strategy involved, so Snow Snow caters for 5years and older.

Included: 4 board pieces, 12 iceberg cards, 4 snowmen (in 3 parts) and 1 die.