Addicted to the popular Slapzi game?  Time to add more cards with the set of Snapzi Slapzi add on cards pack.

SLAPZI is all about speed!

Be the first to match the right picture cards to the right clue cards.

Each player is dealt 5 double sided picture cards which they lay out in front of themselves. The clue cards are placed upside down in the middle. Any player can flip over a clue card and players need to be the first to match one of their cards with the clue cards. The first player to get rid of all their picture cards wins!

We love that it gets players reading little snippets of text, and that there are several ways to play.  It gives the ability ti differentiate the game according to age or ability.  We also love that the images are all fantastic photo images.  Makes the cards a great addition to speech therapy or specialist teaching sessions.

note: you will need the original Slpazi game to play this.

Suitable for 8yrs+

Includes: 60 cards

Approx 9.5 x 9.5