The Smooshos Jumbo Stress Ball is a large squishy and stretchy stress ball that glows in the dark and has a soft spiky textured surface.


This jumbo sized stress ball is pliable, soft and fun to stretch and squeeze.  It is much larger than standard stress balls and comes in a glow in the dark soft yet spiky textured surface.

It can be used one handed or two handed.

We love how strong the stress ball is.  Although it is technically a toy, it will handle a reasonable amount of pushing and pulling. It is not suited to those who are very heavy handed or who bite or chew on items.

Stress Balls can help provide sensory input, both tactile and proprioceptive input.  The action can help with self regulation, calming and focus.  It can be an effective way to release energy and reduce stress.

The Jumbo Smoosho is approximately 11cm in diameter.

Comes in fluoro pink or green, depending on availability.

Recommended for 3yrs+

Smooshos Jumbo Stress Ball Features:

  • Soft rubbery spiky surface that feels great to touch
  • Glow in the dark material, perfect for darkened sensory spaces
  • Release tension and help focus
  • An easy and quick way to provide deep pressure and proprioceptive input
  • Easy to clean and wash

The Smoosho Jumbo Stress Ball is a large squeezable stress ball.  Like no other squishy!

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