The Smart Kids Vowel Sound Directory is a handy flip chart covering short vowel sounds, ‘r’ controlled vowel sounds and long vowel sounds.


It can stand on your desk, and be a quick and easy reference when you are neeidng examples for each phoneme and grapheme.

Vowel sounds can be spelt in many different ways. To assist with the learning of phonics, reading and spelling it is important to teach the differing spelling patterns for the vowel sounds.

The vowel sound directory identfies 19 different vowel sounds, including:

Short vowel a, e, i, o, u

Long vowel a, e, i, o , u, long oo, ou, oy

R controlled air, ar, ear, er, or

 Smart Kids Vowel Sound Directory Features:

  • Measures approx 15x 22 x 14cm

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