The Small Highlight Double Wide Strip Yellow is perfect to assist eye tracking during reading.

They also can make it easier for readers to see the print more clearly, as the font stands out more reducing reading fatigue.


Many find that the highlight strip reduces squinting, red/watery eyes.

This certain strip is double wide, so you can focus on two sentences at a time.

In our experience, the yellow is more popular in that it is the one opted for by the kids (during tutoring) when we ask if a colour makes the print easier to read.  Prof John Stein (a Professor of Neuroscience who has devoted much of his research life to studying the magnocellular pathways in the brain and Dyslexia) says that his team’s research shows statistically significant improvement in reading when visual dyslexics use yellow coloured lenses (and if the yellow didn’t help the blue would).

We find in tutoring:

the Highlight Strips (thin ones) are great for keeping attention on one line at a time,

the Large Highlight Strips are good as readers can see more at once yet the edge around the bottom is handy to keep them on track (and it is easily slid down the page as they progress),

the Full page Highlight Strips are perfect for when you want full page coverage.

Small Highlight Double Wide Strip Yellow Features:

  • The small strip is 17.8 x 3.2cm – though the coloured section is more like 17.8 x 1.6cm

The highlight strips are helpful when teaching, for drawing attention to particular words.

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