Eeboo Sloth in a Hurry Game


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Sloth in a Hurry is a clever but easy to learn game designed to get players up & active, moving and laughing as they act out and improvise differing scenarios.

3 in stock


The Eeboo Sloth in a Hurry Game is a clever game designed to get players up & active as they act out and improvise.

It is a non-competitive game that is loads of fun and will have everyone laughing, interacting and moving.

Sloth in a Hurry is quick to play and easy to learn.  It can easily be differentiated to suit different levels of ability and ages.  It can even be played in large groups such as a classroom.

Each player takes turns drawing a WHO card and a WHAT card then they spin the spinner to see HOW they need to act.  You could be a Penguin Looking for something they’ve lostwhile swatting mosquitos.

Sloth in a Hurry was created originally as a game to help build confidence.  It also builds positive interactions and relationships.  It is one of our all-time favourite games for all ages.  A sure-fire winner every time.

Recommended for 5yrs+ and for 2 or more players.

Box is 25 x25cm


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