The Blue Orange Slide Quest board game is an exciting combination of board game + cooperative game + video game all rolled into one.

It has turned the video game concept into a board game where cooperation is the key to success.  A game where everyone needs to work together to progress through the levels.

Slide Quest will have everyone working together, talking and laughing.

All players work together to guide the brave knight through the 20 adventures.  These are filled with twists and traps.  Challenges become more and more difficult, and you need to hold onto your “lives” to make sure you have what it takes to complete the highest levels.

Players each hold onto a lever and guide the moving platform in all directions, sliding the knight past obstacles and on the right path to the end of each challenge.

It is designed for 7 years and up, though it does require good dexterity and hand eye coordination.

Slide Quest can be played as a single player (if you have good dexterity and a lot of patience), but it is designed for 2, 3 or 4 players.  It can also be played multiple times over as each time you play will have a different result – thanks to gravity!

20 challenges in total.