The LED Sensory Double Bubble Tube provides a captivating and exciting focal point for any sensory room. For all those wanting to create a fabulous sensory space this Bubble Tube is great value given the quality.


The Bubble Tubes are currently on backorder.  The expected arrival date is end of June 2021.  We will keep you updated with eta and let you know as soon as they are available to be sent out.


The Double Bubble Tube changes colour as it sends the balls and bubbles up and down the column encouraging visual tracking, focusing, and concentration.  It can have a calming effect for many children. The Bubble Tube draws attention and interest through the constantly changing colours and moving bubbles and balls.  It is also encourages touch through vibration.

Set one up in your waiting room, sensory room, therapy space, bedroom, classroom or learning space.

We have tried 3 Bubble Tubes prior to this one.  This is the best one without a doubt.  We are very happy with the quality.

Please note: the Bubble Tube (and every other bubble tube Ive tried) makes a “humming noise” even on our carpet.  It isn’t bad at all and would get lost in other background noise, but if your child is very sound sensitive you might need to be prepared.  It tends to be louder on floorboards.


Instructions for set up.

  1. Stand tube upright and in place where you wish to instal it (it gets quite heavy once it is full of water)
  2. Pour coloured water beads in from the top (hole)
  3. Fill the tube with water (through the top hole, you’ll need a hose or jug) until the water beads drop regularly – we found that the water level needs to be above the top of the clear column inside the tube for this to happen.


WATER – whilst this product has been designed to work well with tap water, the product will need higher maintenance as the water will become cloudy.  If using tap water you will likely need to change the water every few months.  If using distilled water, the water will stay clean longer.

It takes about 12l of water.

BRACKET – we were a little surprised with how easily the Bubble Tube could be knocked over and STRONGLY recommend using a bracket.  If you wish to have your Bubble Tube in a spot where people can touch it or where it could be knocked, you will need a method of securing it.  You may have something in mind which will sort this issue out eg perhaps you can put furniture around it, stand it in a pot, use extra strong double sided velcro (from Office works).

We went to Reese Plumbing and purchased a bracket (Abey Bolted Clip Pvc S/OFF 150mm) We have these available for sale as well.

We also tried a bracket which also works fine (ABEY 150mm D.W.V SADDLE CTW 1712) from Cook’s Plumbing supplies for $7.  We went with the bolted one from Reese, in store, as it could be “tightened”.  We also put 3 small bits of rubber that we happened to have here at the shop in between the bracket and the tube.

    Reese Plumbing Bolted Bracket

  Cook Plumbing Bracket

The bracket was quick and easy to instal.  If you can’t attach things to a wall, one family attached their Bubble Tube bracket to their pine TV cabinet.  Just a thought.

We purchase the Reese Bolted Brackets and make them available for purchase for those who don’t have the time or are unable to get the brackets themselves.  It will save yu money to buy direct from Reece or from another plumbing ir hardware supplier.  We have them purely to help makes things easier for our customers, if needed.

Bubble Tube Colour Changing LED Large Features:

  • Approx 120cm Tall, base is 25cm diameter. Tube is 15cm Diameter.
  • Strong acrylic tank/tube (lid is sealed on) with base attached.
  • The lid has a hole in the top – to allow air in and this is where you fill the tube with water.
  • Included is a 12V adapter, plastic water beads, remote control and an instruction sheet. 

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