The CanDo Saddle Roll is a brilliant resource to add to your sensory room, therapy space, classroom, early learning centre or home. The saddle roll is inflatable and heavy-duty.  They are designed to:

  • improve balance, coordination and flexibility
  • be used in vestibular programs
  • be used as a seating aid
  • be used in play and movement – sit on, balance, roll

What’s so special about the CanDo Saddle Roll?

  • the peanut shape ensures movement in only direction
  • they are much easier for children to balance on as compared to the exercise balls

With a ‘saddle’ like design they offer the occupant support, balance and stability. With a bump surface, these Saddle rolls are perfect for sensory stimulation. Vary the amount of inflation for a softer or firmer feel. The small Can Do saddle rolls are yellow. Sizing (diameter x length): 16 in (40cm) x 35 in (90cm) The saddle roll comes with a ‘pin’ but requires a pump for inflation.