This is a colourful high quality daily or weekly reward chart that if used well can help children practice and master desirable behaviours. It is a fantastic visual tool, easy to ‘read’ and you can hang it anywhere. Either set the goal(s) yourself or set goals collaboratively with your child/ren. You can choose from the goals provided (Eat my food, Go to bed on time, Say thankyou and please, Brush my teeth, Help others, Do my homework, Learn to share, Tidy my room, Get dressed, Throw rubbish in the bin) or make your own. The Chart is magnetic, but you can also use it as a whiteboard. Even permanent marker can be removed (with nail polish remover). Once you have selected your goals, then write on the board what the prize/reward will be once they have collected the agreed upon number of stars. We do recommend that you set realistic goals, and perhaps only one or two, depending on the age (or the challenges faced). We also suggest that you consider a range of rewards as different things motivate different kids (just as it does for adults). Some kids are motivated by money, some by food, toys, activity (such as going to movies) or time with you for example. 44x35x1.5cm Suitable for 3yrs+