Just One Game is a fantastic language based game for a group of between 4 to 7 players.  Though it is easy to play with a larger numbers in teams.

It is a cooperative game, so everyone needs to work collaboratively to achieve the highest group score.

One player, the active player, chooses a number between 1 and 5 that aligns with one of the words on their card (the active player cannot see their word).  The other players must write a single word on their easel as a clue to help the active player figure out what their word is.

The tricky part is trying to think of good clues.  If others have the written the same clue, then they all are not given to the active player.  This gives them less chance to guess their word.

The best clues are not clues that others might think of yet not too off centre to send the active player off track.

This game is such fun.

Perfect for families, classrooms, camping and holidays.

We love that it is a cooperative game. It makes a pleasant change from competitive single players trying to win on their own.