Save your school shirts or any other shirt with the Chewy Charms Shirt Saver Chew Circle 3pk

Have your chew ever at the ready and easily located.


These fabulous chews attach easily and quickly to your shirt.  It is the clip-on version (as opposed to the button hole attachment) and can therefore be attached to any shirt, pocket or piece of clothing.

Gone are the days of freyed school hats, hoodie ties and damaged collars!  You will save on lost chews, too.

We love the look, the feel and the whole idea behind the shirt saver chews.  Always on hand, you’ll never lose your chew.  Tuck it under your shirt when not in use. Functional and stylish.

They come in a convenient 3 pack.  One fotr school, one for home and a spare!

Available in different colours (see other listings on our online shop for more in the range).

Metal and BPA Free, non toxic silicone on super strong silky breakaway safety cord.

  • Chew section approx. 10.5 x 4cm

Chew Rating:

The Shirt Savers are rated for use as follow:

Hex – light infrequent use

Star – medium use, moderate chewing

Circle – heavy use

Recommended for 4yrs+

Please note:

Chews are considered to be a consumable item and are not designed to last forever.  As soon as you see any sign of wear and tear discard your chews.

Chewy Charms Shirt Saver Chew CLIP ON Circle Red (3 Pack) features:

Pack of 3 shirt savers chews, one for each school shirt

Attaches to your shirt collar, pocket or any piece of clothing.

Rated for heavy use.