Quercetti Play Bio Spiral Tower is a new marble run for small children enabling them to build high towers and launch colourful balls down the spiral. Made from 100% bioplastic!


So much activity, colour, and sound in one classic learning toy. Little hands send 3 easy-grip rattling balls down and around, stacking up skill upon skill. Watch them roll, drop them from different heights, and explore all of the fascinating games that can be played with balls and a slide. Endlessly engaging! Building the towers, made up of 7 easy-to-assemble pieces, and the slow rolling of the balls captures the attention of the child, helping to develop hand-eye coordination and the concept of cause and effect.

Quercetti Spiral Tower Features:

  • The balls are big, safe and easy to grip and are full of coloured beads to provide visual as well as auditory simulation.
  • 3 Balls
  • 7 assemble pieces
  • Quercetti Spiral Tower helps to develop hand eye coordination as well as the concept of cause and effect.
  • For ages 1yrs+
  • Tower you can build is 45cm high!
  • A sustainable toy, made from 100% Bio Plastic

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