Quercetti Skyrail Wall transforms any wall into a spectacular roller coaster!

Where you can set exciting marble runs, changing the track so that it’s different and exciting every time.


The special UHU patafix adhesive putty included, all the parts of the course can be attached, detached and re-attached to walls or any vertical surface, without damaging them.

With Quercetti Skyrail Wall it is easy to construct different tracks. Figuring out how to run the plastic ball along the course allows you to make interesting observations and carry out experiments to understand the basic principles of physics (velocity, gravity, friction).

Quercetti Skyrail Wall Features:

  • 7 straight rail sections.
  • 5 curve rail sections
  • 3 marbles
  • Patafix rubbers

Endless hours of practical, educational and safe fun with the Quercetti Skyrail Wall.

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