Quercetti Sea Battle is a classic strategy and coordinates game where you need to be the first to sink your opposition’s ships.


A classic board game for 2 players who need to guess the position of the opposing fleet.  Using a grid based on cartesian coordinates, they gradually pin point and sink each ship.

Players set up their fleet on the blue grid and use the green grid to record their guesses locating their opposition’s ships.

There is a barrier between each player’s boards.

Players take turns calling a coordinate eg F7 if the opposite player has a ship in that position they say “hit” if not, they would say “miss”.  The active player places a white peg in the grid for miss or a red peg for a hit.

The first player to sink the other players fleet wins the game.

Contains: 2 peg boards, 2 barriers, storage container, red/white pegs and coloured pegs for ships.

Each board is approx 28 x 19cm

Recommended for 6yrs+

2 player game

Quercetti Sea Battle Features:

  • Two player strategy game
  • Promote fine motor skills
  • Develop visual planning and learn coordinates

Do away with paper and never have to draw up a battle ships game again with the sturdy plastic Sea Battle game.

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