The Quercetti Saxo Flute is a 16piece unbreakable set of tubes that fit together to create your own wind instrument.

This is an open ended toy with unlimited opportunities for both play and learning.  The Saxo flute encourages curiosity about music.

Make different instruments can be made such as a trumpet, flute or saxophone or  your own crazy new invention.  Learn about sounds through your own play.

The Saxo Flute is also ideal for providing respiration activities and promoting oral motor skills.

Oral motor skills refer to the movement of muscles of the face and oral area (eg lips, jaw, tongue, soft palate) and are important for speech.

Sometimes people (and children) can seek oral input because it can help them self-regulate.

Providing oral motor activities and respiration toys gives the opportunity to promote oral motor and help with self-regulation and calming.

The Saxo Flute ticks lots of boxes, all through play.

Suitable for 3yrs+


  • 3 straight tubes with holes
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 trumpet end
  • 11 straight tubes and L-shapes in 2 colours