Quercetti Hangman game is a fun way to play with words and practice spelling.


A traditional two player board word game.  One player secretly chooses a word, and the other player has to guess it.

The aim is to figure out the mystery word before the man is complete.

Player two suggests a letter of the alphabet.  Player one says yes or no (depending if that letter is in their secret word or not).

If yes, they place a peg(s) with that letter on it, in it’s correct position on the board.

If no, player two must add part of the man’s body to the picture on the board.

A well known, fun game for the family, clinic or educational setting.

Recommended for 6yrs+

Board is approx 28x 20cm

Quercetti Hangman Features:

  • Learn about words and improve spelling
  • Two player game, that can be easily adjusted to suit a variety of abilities

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