The Pop Up Pirate game from TOMY is a classic fine motor cause and effect game for therapists and families alike.


Firstly twist the pirate into place in the centre of the barrel.  Players then take turns sliding swords into the grooves of the barrel.

The pirate is spring loaded and you’ll never know which sword is going to launch the pirate up and out of the barrel.  For a big hilarious surprise.

Whose sword will make the pirate pop out?

Start another game by removing all the swords and twisting the pirate dow again.

It will be a different hole in the barrel that makes the pirate pop.

Recommended for 4yrs+

For 2 to 4 players.

Includes: 1 pirate, 1 barrel and 24 swords (6 of each colour – yellow, red, green and blue)

Approximately 18 x 13cm (with pirate in barrel).  The pirate is approximately 9 x 5cm and each sword is 7.5cm

We love the everything about this version of Pop Up Pirate.  The quality is terrific.  The size is fabulous. It is solid and sturdy.

Pop Up Pirate game Features:

  • Promote hand eye coordination and fine motor
  • Classic cause and effect game
  • Practice turn taking
  • A fun game of surprise for the home or therapeutic setting

Pop Up Pirate is the classic barrel of laughs game for the whole family.

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