The Piou Piou card game is a quick fun family card game where players need to hatch three eggs to win.


Players need to first lay eggs, by collecting and playing 3 particular cards – a rooster a hen and a nest card.  In order to hatch the egg they will need to play two hen cards for it to become a chicken.

The tricky part is other players can steal one of your eggs by playing a fox card.

This leads to lots of fun in the hen house.  Players are always in the process of laying eggs, stealing eggs and hatching eggs.

To play: Deal 4 cards to each player.  Each turn, a player can:

* choose one card from the central deck and play a card into the discard pile

* “lay an egg” by playing 3 cards – a rooster, hen + nest (in which case they take an egg card and place it in front of them).  They then replace the 3 cards in their hand from the central deck


* “hatch a chick” by playing 2 hen cards and making a hen’s noise (in which case they flip their egg card so it become a chick).  They then replace the 2 cards in their hand


* “steal another player’s egg” by playing a fox card (in which case they draw 1 card from the deck).

The other player can “block” the move by stopping the fox with 2 rooster cards.

All players must have 4 cards in their hand.

Once players learn what cards you need for each action, it is a simple fun game that combines a bit of strategy and a bit of luck.

Even though this game is simple and quick to learn, it has layers that players need to progress through.  It makes it a good card game to extend children beyond beginner matching and collecting card games.

It takes about 10 minutes to play.

Includes:  a solid sturdy storage box, 47 cards (6 foxes, 15 roosters, 15 hens, 11 nests) and 18 of the cutest eggs (chicks on their flip side)

Piou Piou card game Features:

  • A quick fun family card game for 5yrs+
  • Cute and colourful cards with great illustrations.
  • A multi-step card game that involves a little strategy and chance
  • Handy to throw in the bag, car or take travelling
  • Recommended for 2 to 5 players

Can you lay and hatch 3 eggs before someone’s fox raids your hen house?

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