Duck Duck Dance! by Peaceable Kingdom is a move and groove game for you and your toddler! 

It is easy to learn and quick to play.  A perfect  first game for the little ones.  Children will be able to develop early motor skills, sequencing, vocabulary and have an introduction to turn taking.


This game is simple and sweet, with 4 large dice featuring 8 different easy dance moves.   From spinning to wiggling, players imitate the adorable ducks to uncover the four audience members to complete the game.

Rolling the dice and placing them in position also helps children learn to “read” and sequence from left to right.

Full of educational and developmental possibilities, the handy parent guide will give you plenty of ideas.   The instructions also include extension activities and ways to modify and differentiate the game.


  • Age 2+ years
  • Handy parent guide
  • 1 game board, 4 movement dice, 4 pond audience members

We love Duck Duck Dance!  It is an absolutely brilliant introduction to board games for toddlers!

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