The Peaceable Kingdom Bandit’s Memory Mix Up game will have children cooperating and helping each other as they try and remember which token has removed from the spy glass.

Bandit’s Memory Mix up can be played as a memory game on your own, as a cooperative game with other players or as a competitive game.

Insert the garden tokens into the Spy Glass.  Take 10 seconds to try and memorise all the items.  Then flip the spy glass before removing one of the tokens (via the special slot).

Then turn the spy glass back over and try and firgure out which token is missing.

We love that there are so many ways to differentiate this game, including making it easier or harder (simply by increasing or reducing the number of tokens in the spy glass).

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and cover multiple varations of playing.

This is a fabulous game to help develop visual memory skills, and loads of fun too. A very clever and unique game.

It is not your traditional board game.  And can be “played” for just a few minutes or for longer periods of time.  A great gake for a group or even in a one to one therapy time.  It would also be possble to play this game by zoom!


Spy Glass 25.5 x 16cm

Tokens 3.3cm diameter


Suitable for 3yrs+